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Infrastructure Assessment Tool


Hello All,

Does NetApp have Infrastructure Assessment Tool , which can be used to get the current status of the Storages and Filers, and once we have some clarity ,  then improvements can be suggested, or identify the areas of potential improvements. Or, like how to consolidate and optimize, and may be automation etc.

Any pointers, suggestions, please.

Thank You


Re: Infrastructure Assessment Tool




There are a few tools that can help with some of the topics:


 - Active IQ Config Advisor - configuration validation and health check tool for NetApp systems;

 - NetApp Active IQ - web tool based on the autosupport messages sent by the systems to NetApp. It has several embedded tools to advise on best practices, security and config. It also has a health checks and information on capacity and efficiency.

 - AIQUM - is more like a monitoring tool


Do you now any of these? Can you explain other objectives you would like that tool to accomplish?




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Re: Infrastructure Assessment Tool


Thanks Pedro for the details.

I do know only about Active IQ Unified Manager, but have not used it much though.


The goal is to do an initial evaluation and detailed assessment of the entire NetApp Infra(FAS and AFF models) to get the current state of the infra/operations , performance, utilization etc. And, then identify the area of improvements and best practices which can be adopted, optimization and then add some real value, and give some good recommendations.


Best Regards.

Re: Infrastructure Assessment Tool




I would go and run config advisor just to make sure everything is set up the way it should. Then, with autosupport enabled, check Active IQ (online) for the recommendations (there are config and sw upgrade recommendations). Active IQ has other insights which you should definitely explore.

from aiqum you would have all the holistic view of your clusters. But some insights would need to be derived from your knowledge and experience with ontap clusters.





Re: Infrastructure Assessment Tool


Hi Pedro,

Do we have a manual/procedure to run config advisor and aiqum.

I believe, these frames are under hardware support by a third party vendor, and not direct support with NetApp.

Are these options available still then to run.



Re: Infrastructure Assessment Tool

Both tools are downloaded from the NetApp support site when you have a valid user account. Maybe the third party company can help you with that

The online active IQ is available only to systems under a valid support contract with NetApp

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