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Initial boot and defining management IP


Dears, I am new to this product and I've installing an FAS2520 appliance.

the hardware was racked up smoothly.

when trying to start the appliance with the first boot, i faced some issues. It was written that the appliance should get an IP  via netapp system setup. althought i have configured a static IP on my laptop and connect it back to back to the port with the wrench image on one onf the controllers, but it was never discovered.


i am afraid that the appliance was already powered on, and i couldn't catch up with it to get a DHCP IP from the system setup software.


please can you help guide my way to power it off and repower it on if needed to retry the initial wizrd with the system setup software.


else may you advise how to configure it using the console?


also advise if there's any more info needed to finalize the initial config.


Re: Initial boot and defining management IP




For initial setup of the appliance, you should be plugging into the IOIOI (RS232) port on the back of the controller via the COM port of a laptop (or the USB/COM adapter of your choice).  When you plug into that port the system should be booted to the cluster setup wizard where you can go through the process outlined here:




I've not used the GUI setup tool but the ONTAP 9 documentation site (parent topic of the link above) outlines how to do that.  You can then plug in your management ports on the node(s) and configure them for static or DHCP.  The CLI cluster setup is pretty straight-forward if you follow the guidance above.  Since this is your first cluster setup, I'd recommend filling out the setup worksheet before you get too far along (to avoid having to re-do the process):




Good luck!



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