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Is it ok to use agg0?


I have abruptly been made the owner of a NetApp.  I have a general question about agg0.

I know that a portion of this agg (256GBs in our case) is used for the NetApp, but we have about 700GBs free on each of them(they are only 5 disks).  Is it ok to use this space for lower performance volumes or should it be reserved for future growth?



Re: Is it ok to use agg0?


Hi Brian and welcome to the Community!

In general you are OK to put user data inside aggr0 (or the aggregate containing root volume, no matter how it is actually called).

There are some cases where a dedicated root aggregate (without user data) may be considered, but normally that would be feasible on large systems with a lot of disks.



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Re: Is it ok to use agg0?


Hi Brian,

Yep absolutely.

Does depend on the system size…in the smaller ones…often out of necessity aggr0 gets expanded and all data sits in it…

So technically no reason not to…

If you have a 100 disks in the system and space for numerous aggregates then of course you could happily leave it as a “system” aggregate

Re: Is it ok to use agg0?


Thank you!  It is appreciated!

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