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Is it possible to specify a VLAN for RLM?

Hi all

The FAS3140 has a single management port for e0M and RLM. I would like to place these interfaces in different VLANs, e.g. e0M in VLAN10 and RLM in VLAN20. I can add e0M to a VLAN in Data ONTAP but I can't see any way to specify a VLAN for RLM, is this possible?

If not then will setting the native VLAN of the switch port (that the management port is connected to) to the VLAN I want RLM to communicate with work?



Is it possible to specify a VLAN for RLM?

No, you can't tag a vlan, jumbo frame or run in 1000mb/s mode on the RLM, check the ontap network management guide for more information.


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