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Is there a IOXM for FAS8200 (single-node)?


Simple question: Is there an IO expansion module (IOXM) available for FAS8200-systems?


It would for example make sense in a two-node MetroCluster situation where for cost reasons you can't upgrade to four-node or headswap to FAS9000 but need more ports.


I know we had these with the FAS8060 (optional) and FAS8080EX (mandatory) but I have never ever seen expansion modules for the FAS8200 systems. Guess you need to switch to the FAS9000 for all the extra PCIe module gloriousness... Smiley Frustrated



Re: Is there a IOXM for FAS8200 (single-node)?


Sorry... there is no IOXM option for FAS8200 or AFF A300.

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