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LIF Warning


Hello Team,


What does this message mean?


"Has some LIFs that are not in their home node" what procedure to do?


The cluster HA is ok and Both can perform takeover on each other. 



Thank You.








Re: LIF Warning



It means the LIF is not currently residing on it's home port (IE it has been migrated to a different node and or port in the cluster).

Check the output of the following command on your cluster:


network interface show -fields is-home, home-port, home-node, curr-node, curr-port

If the the "is-home" field is false then to resolve the warning you can either use the "network interface migrate" or "network interface revert" command to ensure the LIF resides on its home port and node. You can also configure your LIF to auto revert to it's home port\node. EG






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Re: LIF Warning

Thank you Matt.

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