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LifGrp Subnet mask change?


      I have a few filers that need to have the subnet mask change from to due to a routing change.  I am sitting on, .160, .161 and .162 IP's 


      If I modify my RC file "ifconfig Lifgrp1-1 `hostname`-Lifgrp1-1 netmask mtusize 1500 partner Lifgrp1-1 nfo" with the updated subnet mask info it shouold work and be nondrisruptive?   With the updated mask I will still be in proper scope for the 172.16.0.x and 172.16.1.x networks, I think I should be good.   Can anybody confirm that?


     IP adress remains the same, just tighten the mask...   7 mode 8.2.4p6 Ontap



Any thoughts?


Should I post this some where else?



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