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Limit on number of subdirectories has been removed in DOT 8.1, so what?


Hell all,

I would like to understand one thing. I have been facing an issue in a FAS3240. This system has a flexvol accessed via CIFS.

Occurs that data is written in the share of this flexvol by an application which creates lots of directories inside one root directory on the volume.

I know that on DOT versions earlier than 8.1, there was a limit of 100K (99,998) subdirectories in a directory, right? I also know from the following link, that this limit has been removed in DOT 8.1.


I thought this limit was something important to protect the client from reaching a huge number of subdirectories and with this, facing performance issues while accessing it. Without this limit, how performance is handled? Am I missing anything? Is it safe to store more than those 100K subdirs and not having any kind of performance degradation?

Kind regards,

Pedro Rocha.



Hi Pedro,

Additional information regarding the removal of the subdirectory limitation can be found in the following KB article:


If you need further assistance, I recommend posting this in the Support Community. If your issue is urgent, please open a case with NetApp Support.




Hello Christine,

I've seen that kb article it helps explaining things. But I am still curious about how performance is handled now.



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