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Maximum array LUNs for V-Series models


Is there a document or does someone know the maximum number of array LUNs that can be presented to the different model V-Series ?  I saw on the website it gives a max capacity that includes LUNs and disks but not a split for LUNs only.  Looked in the TR and i couldnt find the information there.



Re: Maximum array LUNs for V-Series models

The number of backend devices that can be supported on a V-Series controller is listed in the V-Series support matrix under Lun Connectivity  on NOW.

For example, a V3170 can support 840 devices.  These devices can be either storage array LUNs, NetApp disks or a combination of both but not exceeding 840 – for a V3170 or V3170HA controller.

Re: Maximum array LUNs for V-Series models

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your help.  Does that number change with ONTAP8, or is that not the limiting factor ?


Re: Maximum array LUNs for V-Series models

Hi Dave,

The number of devices supported by given HA pair of V-Series controllers does not change with ONTAP version.  What may change is the max capacity, which is *generally* [max # of devices * the max device size (2TB currently)].  Of course, no assumptions should be made, and the Support matrix should be consulted for certainty.



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