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Metrocluster : Error during configdownload


I was attempting to install the Brocade_6505_7500N_v9.1 RCF files on Brocade 6505 Fabric Switches for NetApp MetroCluster, following the official procedure -


- and got this error:


FC_switch_A_1:root> configdownload
Protocol (scp, ftp, sftp, local) [ftp]: ftp
Server Name or IP Address [host]: x.x.x.x
User Name [user]: *****
Path/Filename [<home dir>/config.txt]: Brocade_6505_7500N_v9.1/Brocade_6505_7500N_v9.1/Fabric_1/Brcd6505_4N_FC1_FC2_FAB1_SW1_D5_RCF_v9.1.txt
Section (all|chassis|switch [all]): all

*** CAUTION ***

This command is used to download a backed-up configuration
for a specific switch. If using a file from a different
switch, this file's configuration settings will override
any current switch settings. Downloading a configuration
file, which was uploaded from a different type of switch,
may cause this switch to fail.

A switch reboot is required for the changes to take effect.
Please reboot the system for the configuration to be effective

configDownload operation may take several minutes
to complete for large files.
Do you want to continue [y/n]: y
** snmp.64mibCap.FCMGMT-MIB:0x7b Value Out of Range
Process function of configdownload failed for filter "snmp"



There is similar issue mentioned on the Brocade 6510 : http://www.cosonok.com/


But is this the proper solution? What is the meaning of this value?


Re: Metrocluster : Error during configdownload


Hi there!


In order to properly diagnose and troubleshoot, I would encourage you to open a case with our support center to verify the cause and the action plan.


But I think what you are seeing is an issue we are tracking through our BURT 1152051.


If this is the case, our suggested fix is to ensure you are running FOS 8.1.2a on the switches, and then change the line in the RCF from "snmp.64mibCap.FCMGMT-MIB:0x7b" to "snmp.64mibCap.FCMGMT-MIB:0x53" and run it again. 

View solution in original post

Re: Metrocluster : Error during configdownload


Try the Change written before or do a Downgrade to FOS Version 8.0.1 , install the GoldenImage and after that do an Upgrade again....

Re: Metrocluster : Error during configdownload


Can you give me a reference to this burt? I'm a partner of Netapp and I cannot find it. However I will try the suggested solution and keep you posted.


Thanks for the support.

Re: Metrocluster : Error during configdownload

Unfortunately it is pretty new and there is limited data beyond my suggestion - if you call in and ask if you’re hitting it, support will increase the case count and that might speed up triaging and provide more information and push for a quicker resolution. You should be able to look it up at the usual places
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