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Migrate 7-Mode 8.1.2 LUN to C-Mode 8.2.3


Hey guys, I am getting lots of conflicting answers from support and documentation, so I wanted to hear how the community is migrating their 7-mode LUNs to c-mode.

Originally support said that that the 7mtt 2.0 would migrate from 7-mode to c-mode, but after trying to start a project it errored out saying my c-mode must be 8.3 (NetApp support still cannot confirm this is supported or not.)

Then I was told to use a SnapMirror Transision Data Protection, I got that setup and it gets through almost all the baseline and then errors out saying 7-mode LUNs cannot be transitioned to cluster mode.


So what is the real story, is the only way to migrate 7-mode LUNs to c-mode to use a host based utility, or wait until I get to 8.3 and then use the 7mtt?





Re: Migrate 7-Mode 8.1.2 LUN to C-Mode 8.2.3


Hello Ian,


I perform transition consulting for NetApp Professional Services and I'd like to clear this up for you.  Apologies on any conflicting information you have been provided thus far, please private message me any specific case details so we can address that. 


You can use 7MTT or a transition snapmirror to migrate a NAS (NFS/SMB) volume from 7-mode to clustered Data ONTAP 8.2.x onwards.


You can use 7MTT or a transition snapmirror to migrate a SAN volume containing LUNs from 7-Mode to clustered data ONTAP starting with version 8.3.


Data ONTAP checks to see if there is a LUN within the volume when it is building the transition snapmirror to ascertain if it is SAN or not. 


In order to complete your SAN volume migration, you can use the following methods, listed in order of preference:


  • Application Based:  Some applications support native migration tools, such as Exchange 2013, or VMware and Hyper-V.  These are ideal as they are generally non-disruptive and the application owners can retain control over the data and migration process.
  • Logical Volume Manager based:  If the SAN client is running linux or unix, the SAN client may already use a logical volume manager which often times allows for a non-disruptive migration.  If you are running Windows, avoid the use of Dynamic Disks and its evolved technologies.
  • SnapMirror Replication based:  Upgrade to clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 and use 7MTT 2.0.
  • Appliance based:  You can rent or acquire a hardware appliance whose sole job is to support migration between SANs.  At NetApp Professional Services we have had great success with large migrations using the appliance called DTA2800.  Check with your partner or NetApp account team for pricing information. 
  • File Copy Tool based: Use any number of methods by presenting the new LUN to the SAN client and performing the copy using regular copy tools like Robocopy or rsync.  The application using the SAN data generally should be offline during this process. 
  • Replication based with Services:  WFA SAN LUN Tool - An internal NetApp created software tool to support SAN transition to cDOT 8.2.  Check with your Partner or NetApp Account team to learn more as it generally requires some professional services to set it up


More information on SAN transition process & tools is located in section 3 of the Transition to cDOT technical report located here:  http://www.netapp.com/us/system/pdf-reader.aspx?m=tr-4052.pdf&cc=us



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Re: Migrate 7-Mode 8.1.2 LUN to C-Mode 8.2.3


Hi Hadrian


Thanks for clearing this up.

BTW... I think we have meet a few time while I worked for one of the large online universities in AZ.  Yoiu helped us setup some v-series.

Re: Migrate 7-Mode 8.1.2 LUN to C-Mode 8.2.3


Yes, good times 😃   The Desert is a small world 😃

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