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Minimum Spare Count is 2


Hello All,

I have 3140 V series box with 7.3.1 loaded.

I am facing one issue that by default this box took 2 spares and there is not any option that I can keep only one disk as spare.

I am having total 28 x 300 FC disks.

these are devided into 2 controllers as 14 for each controller.

by default when I choose option 4a it took 3 disks (1 x data and 2 x parity)

now when I'm  trying to add remaining disk to aggregate it only allows me to add 9 disks max.

Is there any options / command that I can change this setting and keep only one disk as spare??

For you information, I have already checked RAID_MIN_SPARE_COUNT setting, but in vain.


Re: Minimum Spare Count is 2


Change "raid.min_spare_count " to 1.

Re: Minimum Spare Count is 2


Thanks for the timely reply

but as I've mentioned in thread that this options is already checked and value is already set to 1

then also I am facing this issue.

Any other options will be appretiated

Re: Minimum Spare Count is 2


Hmm....are you using FilerView? If so, adding the disk from the commandline (FilerView forces you to keep 2 spares on NetApp hardware at least).

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Re: Minimum Spare Count is 2


Yeah, use the CLI and you'll be fine.

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