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Missing Serial Cable Pigtail


Anybody know the process of obtaining the serial cable "pigtail" when missing from shipment on new installation?


Re: Missing Serial Cable Pigtail


How about contacting the person that sold you the equipment? They should know what the process is

Re: Missing Serial Cable Pigtail


I think it involves a drop of blood, a lock of hair and something about a full moon....

Woops.....there I go mixing business and personal....scratch that.

And yes, I'd follow up through the vendor -- they should be able to harass someone to get it for you.

Re: Missing Serial Cable Pigtail


Probably small consolation but Cisco console cables work a treat, and most people have hundreds of them lying in a drawer somewhere

You could raise a support call and get an RMA raised? I think the part number is X881-R6 / 112-00054

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