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Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

Dear NetApp Gurus,

May I use mixed disk drives (half SAS + half SATA) within the same FAS2220 or FAS2240-4 internal disks?

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hear from you soon.



Re: Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

There is no mixing in the same shelf... the only exception is with FlashPool where SSD can mix in the same shelf with either SAS or SATA... but not both.

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Re: Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

Hi Scott,

We discussed this topic recently on one of the Russian-language threads.

As it stands now, the only supported mixed config is preconfigured external DS4246 with 6x SSD + 18x SATA.



Re: Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

We need some google translate integrated in Communities J In the storage best practice preso for FlashPool… it give per stack, but not per shelf… so looks like to get 12 SSDs it is 6 per shelf across 2 shelves.

¡ In mixed SSD and HDD stacks

– FAS2240 : 3 external(+1 internal) shelves (6-12 SSDs) per stack

– FAS2220 : 2 external(+1 internal) shelves (6-12 SSDs) per stack

– FAS3xxx: 2-4 shelves (12-24 SSDs) per stack

– FAS6xxx : 2 shelves (12 SSDs) per stack

Re: Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

Yeah, I felt into the same trap and argued in the other thread that Flash Pools bring mixed SSD+SAS *shelves* to the table.

But Russian guys quickly proved me wrong with a pile of supporting docs!  😉

Re: Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

Mixed in the same shelf. Do the docs say only 6 ssd and 18 spinning disks? Should work fine with 12 and 12 but not sure of any doc says unsupported.

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Re: Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

From the Flash Pool Technical FAQ:

Can SSD and HDD be mixed in the same physical disk shelf for Flash Pool?

Answer: The DS4246 disk shelf supports mixing SSD and HDD (specifically, SATA) drives in the same disk shelf (SSD + SAS are not supported in the same shelf). The DS4243 does not support mixing SSD and HDD in the same shelf. Support for mixing in the DS4243 can be requested by PVR.

Re: Mixed Drive in FAS22xx?

I just downloaded it...really good paper with all the drive mix... that isn't in the implementation guide so the FAQ has a lot of good info.

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