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Mixing DS4243, 4246 and 2246 on same stack



I have a FAS3240 8.1.2 7-mode separate in 2 enclosures. Only two onboard SAS ports 0a and 0b.

I want to connect within only one stack:

- One DS4243 IOM3 24x SATA 2TB

- One DS4243 IOM3 24x SAS 600GB

- One DS4246 IOM6 24xSATA 3TB

- One DS2246 IOM6 24xSAS 1.2TB

I can mix SAS and SATA in the same stack, but with only one single transition between SATA and SAS. Not best practice, but supported.

So I connected DS4243 SAS first, then DS2246 SAS, and after DS4246 SATA and finaly DS4243 SATA.

In ConfigAdvisor 3.3.0, I have warring message: I cannot mix IOM3 and IOM6 in the same port 0a, or with only single transition between IOM3 andIOM6. It's not recommended!

But in my case, I can follow only one of the both recommendations:

1) SAS IOM3 =>SAS IOM6 => SATA IOM6 => SATA IOM3. But their is two transitions between IOM3 and IOM6.

2) Or I can configure SAS IOM3 =>SATA IOM3 =>SATA IOM6 =>SAS IOM3, but their is two transitions between SAS and SATA.

Can I keep my actual configuration 1) ?

Is there performance impact or any issue in the future?

Thanks for your help




Re: Mixing DS4243, 4246 and 2246 on same stack


Finaly, I bought 2 SAS HBA to add SAS ports on the FAS3240 and create a new stack with the new IOM6 shelves.

Solved 🙂

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