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Modules of the stack on the same PCI card


Hi, I have a Config Advisor error on my FAS 3220 : "Modules of the stack "4d | 4a" are connected to the same PCI card. 


I am very new to FAS environment. We are setup with 2 controllers and 4 SATA ('same PCI card error') / 6 SAS shelves (Stack Multipath - good). I'm really looking for a good place to start the troubleshooting? 


Any suggestions?


Re: Modules of the stack on the same PCI card


It means what it says.  There are two modules from the same stack connected to the same PCI card.  Moving one of them to a different PCI card will resolve the issue in configu advisor, if another card is available in the configuration.  That platform has two onboard SAS ports, and you have a card in slot4.  With no additional cards you can do 2 stacks while observing the splt-asic and split-pci card rules.



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