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Monitoring FAS2050 by SCOM 2012 R2



       i'm using the SCOM2012 R2 to monitor my storage-NetApp FAS2050, Following the USER GUIDE,i installed the SCOM-Management-Pack-WSX64-03.00.0002.3000 to RMS and one Agent-Managed server.As the USER GUIDE said ,the next step is to add the array by using the 'NetApp Storage Array Discovery' ,but i failed in this step,i running the discover program and add the controller 1&2 address,it comes an error(No storage array Found).PIng the ip address is ok。the ip of FAS2050 is ,and the ip of RMS and Agent-Managed server is。i run the discover program on the Agent-Managed server.Did i do something wrong?Need some help.


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Re: Monitoring FAS2050 by SCOM 2012 R2



Hope this best practice guide helps,




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