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Motherboard diag

Hi Frndz,

In Netapp 3240, ontap 8.0.2 P7 mode we like to run a motherboard diag with the help of sldiag in maintainence mode,But in the "sldiag device show" it doesnt list the motherboard.

Is there any other command to do the motherboard diag ?



Re: Motherboard diag

No, you have to run tests for all individual devices on motherboard. The following is currently recommended after motherboard replacement:

These devices need to be disabled: 'sas', 'fcal', 'nic', if present, 'acpm' and 'pam2/fcache'.

So you basically take default list, disable tests for above devices if present and run diagnostic.

Re: Motherboard diag

In other FAS model, we have option to run diag seperately for motherboard right .whether is it specific about model.


Re: Motherboard diag

Well, I do not know whether this is hardware or software specific. But this is how sldiag works.


Re: Motherboard diag

Hi Saran,

I also found the following links that you might find helpful:

KB article 1013307: https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1013307

NetApp® System Level Diagnostics Guide

Hope that helps!




Re: Motherboard diag

Hi Christine,

In the below output,service processor means the motherboard right?

*> sldiag device show
DEV              NAME             SELECTION
-------------    -----------      ----------
interconnect     ib2b             disabled
nic              e0a              enabled
nic              e0b              enabled
nic              e0c              enabled
nic              e0d              enabled
nic              e0M              enabled
acp              acpview          enabled
acpm             3b.0.A           enabled
acpm             3b.0.B           enabled
acpm             3a.1.A           enabled
acpm             3a.1.B           enabled
fcal             0a               enabled
fcal             0b               enabled
fcal             0c               enabled
fcal             0d               enabled
mem              mem              enabled
storage          3a               disabled
storage          3c               disabled
storage          3b               disabled
storage          3d               disabled
bootmedia        bootmedia        enabled
environmentals   environmentals   enabled
serviceProcessor serviceProcessor enabled
nvram            slot2            enabled

Check out the KB!
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