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Moving shelves from FAS2040 to FAS2240--gotchas?

So I am moving a couple of DS4243 shelves from a FAS2040 to a FAS2240. The customer in question is going to move the FAS2040 to a branch office. I am using snapmirror for data migration, and all of the data will be removed from the old FAS2040 after migration is complete. Are there any gotchas here?

The steps are something like this:

1. Complete data migration and verify that aggregates on old FAS2040 can be deleted.

2. Delete aggregates on old FAS2040.

3. Power down FAS2040.

4. Move DS4243 shelves to new FAS2240.

5. Assign new disks on new FAS2240 as needed.

6. Reconfigure old FAS2040 for the branch office.

Am I missing anything here?


Re: Moving shelves from FAS2040 to FAS2240--gotchas?

You could run "disk zero spares" on the 2040 and wait for zeroing o save time before connecting to the 2240. I also like to remove ownership prior to connecting to a new controller. Prvv set advanced ; disk remove_ownership xxxx or disk reassign -s unknown xxxx

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Re: Moving shelves from FAS2040 to FAS2240--gotchas?

Scott, thanks. That's perfect.

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