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NVRAM Upgrade Fail


Hi Guys,

  I'm hoping you can help a new guy out.  I have just recently upgrade our FAS3020C units to 7.3.1.  However of the 2 appliances one has the following error when rebooting.

nvram: Need to update primary image on flash from version 5 to 7

nvram: Need to update secondary image on flash from version 5 to 7

VALID DATA in memory. Can't update firmware!

tavor_init: Fail update firmware, code = 26

Thu Feb 19 18:46:16 GMT [nvram.new.ucode.fail:CRITICAL]: Fail to update new NVRAM microcode, error fail to update flash because of a dirty shutdown

I'm very new to the netapp and using this setup as a test ground from our VM backups.  Please let me know if you need any additional info.


Re: NVRAM Upgrade Fail


A dirty shutdown is when the filer has just died {power failure, etc} and has not been able to write the nvram data to disk.

What should happen is your filer comes back to life.  Write the nvram data to disk and then starts working again.

Are they active / active clustered and did you use cf disable while rebooting the filers?


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Re: NVRAM Upgrade Fail


Yes these are active/active.  It appears I was only rebooting the failed unit.  Once I physically removed power and rebooted it upgraded the code with no problems.  Thanks for your help.

No I have to figure out if I can create an aggregate that uses disks from both selves.  Doesn't seem like i'm able by default so back to the book. 

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