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Need Help Quantum SuperLoader3 with FAS2240


Hi togehter, today i tried out to connect a Quantum SuperLoader3 with a FAS2240 over SAS.

But this is not possible because the SAS Cable dont fit in the NetApp. Are there special Cables to connect a Quantum with a NetApp?

Thank you for Answers..


Re: Need Help Quantum SuperLoader3 with FAS2240


NetApp has a QSFP connector.

Re: Need Help Quantum SuperLoader3 with FAS2240



Per Scott's answer, the SAS cables are a little different.

Typically what you would do in this situation is connect the Quantum and NetApp over a FC switch and do NDMP backups. (you can directly connect it to the quantum via FC but only if absolutely necessary)


Hook up your quantum to a third party backup server on your LAN via FC or SAS and do backups from your NetApp over the LAN > to your third party back up server > to your super loader via FC or SAS

Keep in mind, the 2240 only comes with FC if you order the mezz card with 2 FC ports. But you can also order the mezz card with two 10gbit ports, which for me, is a much better investment.

Respond back with any questions!


Re: Need Help Quantum SuperLoader3 with FAS2240


Hi I do not think you can connect a SuperLoader3 directly to a 2240 or any Netapp via a SAS connector. From your post I am guessing that the SuperLoader you have is the SAS version not the FC version. We have this exact setup running in one of our smallest DC's and we have a backup server that has a SAS adapter in it which is connected to the SuperLoader3. Then use  NDMP enable NDMP on the Netapp to move data to through the backup server to the SuperLoader3. The other way to accomplish this task is to do this via FC and connect the SuperLoader3 to the fabric and zone it as a target port and use NDMP again to move data from the NetApp to the tape library directly without a server in front. Of course if you have the SAS based model of the SuperLoader3 FC is not the best solution for you.

I could be wrong though, but thought this could help you out.

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Re: Need Help Quantum SuperLoader3 with FAS2240


CCOLEMAN and myself pretty much stated the same thing here. I just opened the page did my reply and had to go off to a meeting and hit the submit button when I returned or I would have just agreed with what he has stated.

We have a few 2240 systems and both FC and 10Gbe cards in them. It depends on the workloads you run and the infrastructure you have in place as to what Mez card works best for you. Where we have the SuperLoader3 we have 10Gbe Mez, but I have two other 2240's we use as disk to disk backup storage devices and they are FC based and work well. We have another 2240 that is FC based also since all the infrastructure was there and we have SAS and SATA disk shelves installed which is also working well. The 2240's we use for disk to disk backups before going to tape are at large locations and the other 2240's in production are used in small DC locations where larger storage is not required.

Re: Need Help Quantum SuperLoader3 with FAS2240


Since 8.1, you can connect SAS tapes directly no NetApp.

Not sure how it works, but it is written in the release notes.


The cable should be one QSFP to Mini-SAS (SFF-8088).

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