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Need to clone, split and map 300 luns to igroups in efficient manner



We now find ourselves in a position that we need to clone, split and map about 200 luns for  a DR recovery situation.

We have snapmirror set up between two Netapp arrays.  We clone, split and map the luns on the destination system for our DR test. 

We are somewhat new to Netapp so may not have all the best processes in place.

We clone and split the volume with System Manager GUI.   Then we do lun online and lun map to the proper igroups.

Is there a better more efficient way to do this?

Thanks for your assistance


Re: Need to clone, split and map 300 luns to igroups in efficient manner


This can be all automated via powershell and netapp powershell toolkit.

If you are not familiar with powershell for netapp, I would suggest you read up on it

Re: Need to clone, split and map 300 luns to igroups in efficient manner


Here's all the cmdlet's and their associated API's

PS C:\powershell> get-nahelp "*lun*"

Name                                Category        Api
----                                --------        ---
Add-NaLunMap                        lun             {lun-map}
Clear-NaLunPersistentReservation    lun             {lun-clear-persistent-reservation-info}
Clear-NaLunStatistics               lun             {lun-reset-stats}
Confirm-NaLunHasScsiReservation     lun             {lun-has-scsi-reservations, lun-port-has-scsi-reservations}
Confirm-NaLunInitiatorLoggedIn      lun             {lun-initiator-logged-in}
Confirm-NaLunRestore                lun             {lun-restore-status}
Get-NaCifsOrganizationalUnit        cifs            {cifs-setup-ou-list-iter-start, cifs-setup-ou-list-iter-next, ci...
Get-NaLun                           lun             {lun-list-info}
Get-NaLunAttribute                  lun             {lun-get-attribute}
Get-NaLunByIgroup                   igroup          {igroup-lookup-lun}
Get-NaLunClone                      lun             {lun-clone-list-info}
Get-NaLunCloneSplit                 lun             {lun-clone-split-status-list-info}
Get-NaLunComment                    lun             {lun-get-comment}
Get-NaLunGeometry                   lun             {lun-get-geometry}
Get-NaLunInquiry                    lun             {lun-get-inquiry-info}
Get-NaLunMap                        lun             {lun-map-list-info}
Get-NaLunMapByInitiator             lun             {lun-initiator-list-map-info}
Get-NaLunMaxSize                    lun             {lun-get-maxsize}
Get-NaLunMinSize                    lun             {lun-get-minsize}
Get-NaLunOccupiedSize               lun             {lun-get-occupied-size}
Get-NaLunPersistentReservation      lun             {lun-get-persistent-reservation-info}
Get-NaLunSelect                     lun             {lun-get-select-attribute}
Get-NaLunSerialNumber               lun             {lun-get-serial-number}
Get-NaLunSignature                  lun
Get-NaLunSnapUsage                  lun             {lun-snap-usage-list-info}
Get-NaLunSpaceReserved              lun             {lun-get-space-reservation-info}
Get-NaLunStatistics                 lun             {lun-stats-list-info}
Get-NaLunTargetDeviceId             lun             {lun-get-target-device-id}
New-NaLun                           lun             {lun-create-by-size, lun-create-from-file, lun-create-from-snaps...
New-NaLunClone                      lun             {lun-create-clone}
Remove-NaLun                        lun             {lun-destroy}
Remove-NaLunMap                     lun             {lun-unmap}
Rename-NaLun                        lun             {lun-move}
Set-NaLun                           lun             {lun-online, lun-offline}
Set-NaLunAttribute                  lun             {lun-set-attribute}
Set-NaLunComment                    lun             {lun-set-comment}
Set-NaLunDeviceId                   lun             {lun-set-device-id, lun-unset-device-id}
Set-NaLunSelect                     lun             {lun-set-select-attribute}
Set-NaLunSerialNumber               lun             {lun-set-serial-number}
Set-NaLunShare                      lun             {lun-set-share}
Set-NaLunSignature                  lun
Set-NaLunSize                       lun             {lun-resize}
Set-NaLunSpaceReserved              lun             {lun-set-space-reservation-info}
Start-NaLunCloneSplit               lun             {lun-clone-split-start}
Stop-NaLunCloneSplit                lun             {lun-clone-split-stop}
Test-NaLunConfig                    lun             {lun-config-check-info, lun-config-check-cfmode-info, lun-config...

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