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NetAPP controller replacement/swapping


Hi All,

I have a query regarding how the controller replacement works on netapp. Is the controller replacement is hot swappable?

We have FAS2240 and 3210 each with dual controller. Now if both the controllers on FAS2240 goes faulty, Can I take out one of the controller from 3210 and place it on FAS2240? Will that work?

Also, How does controller identify the volumes and luns once replaced?

Thanks in advance.



Re: NetAPP controller replacement/swapping


In case of HA pair controllers are hot swappable, but replacement must be exactly the same model. In this case you cannot even attach (all) disks from FAS2240 to FAS3210 because FAS2240 has internal disks.

Re: NetAPP controller replacement/swapping


hi Raj,

You have to remove the CF card from old controller to new one while you are doing the controller replacement.

Kernel is located on CF card, usually when you replace head you move it to ensure the same kernel version.

The controllers on 2240 and 3210 are completely different. you cannot use them to swap.



Re: NetAPP controller replacement/swapping


The 2240 converts into a shelf.

Replace the 2240 controllers with the proper IOM modules, and follow the procedure for a head swap.

However there is no way to do this "hot swappable", this procedure is disruptive and will require downtime.

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