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NetApp FAS 2552 + DELL X4012 interoperabilty

Dear Gents,


One of our customer willing to migrate his FAS2552 storage with 1Gb iSCSI to 10Gb iSCSI.

In order keep the cost low the picked switch would be DELL X4012 12x 10Gb SFP+ with original DELL Networkin 10Gb twinax DACs.

Thou I can find some partial (or) general information accross the web about the possible interoperability of  different vendors' switches, DACs, etc; I cannot find any comforting information about wheter this combination would work or not. (NetApp interoperablity matrix don't even include the mentioned switch.)


If you have some statement or real-life experience, pls let me know.


Thanks in advance,




Re: NetApp FAS 2552 + DELL X4012 interoperabilty



That's true. NetApp ISCSI interoperabilty is not around the the network layer (well - the idea. of ISCSI is to be agnostic for Layer 2), see that it's not listed here:.




And not part of the latest SAN guide




Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: NetApp FAS 2552 + DELL X4012 interoperabilty

Hi Gidi,


Thank you for your time and efforts. I already knew that there is no information in the links you mentioned.

That's why I posted the question here.





Re: NetApp FAS 2552 + DELL X4012 interoperabilty

Hi ,


Just to add  , I recently build a test demo enviornment using a FAS2240A and X1008 Dell X series switches and it worked without any issues


Also worked with the N4032 switches but havent tried X4012 as we dont have that switch 😞




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