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NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series


I am using NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series

I wanted to create a share  and make it appear as a local device in my windows system.

We can do it with help of ISCSI Initatitors, but I don't think NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series supports ISCSI.

Can you advise me on other ideas?




Re: NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series

Netapp 8000 supports iSCSI.

see here at Storage Networking Supported


Re: NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series

The NetApp FAS80xx series not only supports iSCSI, but FC, FCoE, NFS and CIFS. Make sure you license the appropriate protocols.

Re: NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series

Thanks for the RPHELAN-IN and CHRISMAKI .

We are trying to do this.

We have a NetApp FAS8000 Series box and we want to use ISCSI initator / Target to make it show as a local drive on Windows.

Is that possible?  Will you be able to guide me to any articles on this?



Re: NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series

This is definitely possible, the method depends on if you're using 7-mode or Cluster-mode. I'd start here:


Re: NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series

Thanks Chrismaki.  I also found that ISCSI initiator will work if the device supports Block Level Storage.  And from what I see I believe FAS 8000 Series supports both File Level and Block Level.   Correct?

Thanks Much for your help.

Re: NetApp NetApp FAS8000 Series

Hi Santhoshp,

As per my previous post, the whole FAS80x0 line will support iSCSI, FC, and FCoE which are all Block protocols as well as the two NAS (file) protocols, NFS and CIFS (also called SMB).

Hope that helps...If the question is answered, please mark the response as "correct".


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