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Hi Experts i need help related to cabling.  

Is there any way i can gather cabling information through CLI in CDOT. E.g. i have 4 shelfs in 1 stack and i want to understand how they are stacked(port 1 of shelf a is connected to which port of other shelf in stack) . I tried to use CA but dont know why it is not collecting cabling information. Cabling tab is blank in CA. I do not have physical access to storage.  




do you have any disk shelves?


Do you have FC or SAS shelves?


I have SAS shelves connected through ATTO bridges. This is metro cluster confguration. 


Hi there,


Unfortunately the cabling behind an ATTO bridge isn't visible through the CLI.




Cabling behind ATTO bridge can be traced. Here is example of (7-Mode/node shell) storage bridge and environment shelf output:

storage bridge:

SAS Port A:
QSFP Vendor:        Molex Inc.      
QSFP Part Number:   112-00177+A0    
QSFP Type:          Passive Copper 2m ID:01
QSFP Serial Number: 417721061

environment shelf:
	SAS cable information by element:
	  [1] Vendor: Molex Inc.
	      Type: QSFP passive copper 2m  ID: 00  Swaps: 0
	      Serial number: 417721061  Part number: 112-00177+A0

Just follow serial numbers. Shelf port numbers are documented in SAS adapter connected to misconfigured SAS domain

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