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NetApp cabling

Hi Experts i need help related to cabling.  

Is there any way i can gather cabling information through CLI in CDOT. E.g. i have 4 shelfs in 1 stack and i want to understand how they are stacked(port 1 of shelf a is connected to which port of other shelf in stack) . I tried to use CA but dont know why it is not collecting cabling information. Cabling tab is blank in CA. I do not have physical access to storage.  



Re: NetApp cabling

Do you have FC or SAS shelves?

Re: NetApp cabling

do you have any disk shelves?

Re: NetApp cabling

I have SAS shelves connected through ATTO bridges. This is metro cluster confguration. 

Re: NetApp cabling

Hi there,


Unfortunately the cabling behind an ATTO bridge isn't visible through the CLI.



Re: NetApp cabling

Cabling behind ATTO bridge can be traced. Here is example of (7-Mode/node shell) storage bridge and environment shelf output:

storage bridge:

SAS Port A:
QSFP Vendor:        Molex Inc.      
QSFP Part Number:   112-00177+A0    
QSFP Type:          Passive Copper 2m ID:01
QSFP Serial Number: 417721061

environment shelf:
	SAS cable information by element:
	  [1] Vendor: Molex Inc.
	      Type: QSFP passive copper 2m  ID: 00  Swaps: 0
	      Serial number: 417721061  Part number: 112-00177+A0

Just follow serial numbers. Shelf port numbers are documented in SAS adapter connected to misconfigured SAS domain

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