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NetApp configuration backup to http web server

Hi Techies, We are planning to copy our NetApp cluster configuration backups to http we server. But, I am getting below error


405 method not allowed




Please, help me with this configuration.


Re: NetApp configuration backup to http web server



405: Method not allowed. Never tried it via https, anyway if you just need those file, then there is a workaroudn via command-line.


Step 1:
::>set diag
::*>security login password -username diag
::*>security login unlock -username diag
::*>systemshell -node node
node-01% cd / [change to '/']
node-01% cd /mroot/etc/backups/config/
node-01% ll [You should see the backups here]
Copy it to the logs folder (Which you can access via GUI)
node-01% cp /mroot/etc/backups/config/whatever_is_the_backup.7z /mroot/etc/log/whatever_is_the_backup.7z


Step 2:
a) Point to Service Processor IP:https://cluster_mgmt_LIF/spi (Just as you do for downloading logs)
b) Clickon logs link
c) Simply download it locally and then put it on the web via your pc/server.



Re: NetApp configuration backup to http web server

Hi @Ontapforrum 


Thanks for your prompt response. I'm not looking for a one time copy. I want to take the backup of these configurations to remote HTTP web server regularly.  Also, I am not using "HTTPS" as it is not supported.

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