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Netapp SMI Agent - WBEM (XMLERROR: in performBatchOperations)




We use NetApp SMI Agent NetApp_Array-WS32-10.30.0G00.0001.exe, to get data from our IBM DS4700 storage.

We use java WBEM Service (http://wbemservices.sourceforge.net/), to connect to NetApp agent, and get storage data.



When we get data by:



we get error:




     at javax.wbem.client.adapter.http.CIMClientXML.call(CIMClientXML.java:391)

     at javax.wbem.client.adapter.http.CIMClientXML.getResponse(CIMClientXML.java:510)

     at javax.wbem.client.adapter.http.CIMClientXML.getMultiResponse(CIMClientXML.java:571)

     at javax.wbem.client.adapter.http.CIMClientXML.performOperations(CIMClientXML.java:1365)

     at javax.wbem.client.CIMClient.performBatchOperations(CIMClient.java:2881)


Example code (P.S. error occur on bold line of code 😞

try {

BatchCIMClient batchClient = new BatchCIMClient();
ArrayList objEnumIDList = new ArrayList();
  * enum Instance
// Get all Storage instances.
int iEnumIDA01 = batchClient.enumerateInstances(new CIMObjectPath("LSISSI_StorageSystem"), false, false, false, false, null);
objEnumIDList.add(new Integer(iEnumIDA01));
// Get all  Storage Controller instances            
int iEnumIDA02 = batchClient.enumerateInstances(new CIMObjectPath("LSISSI_StorageProcessorSystem"), false, false, false, false, null);           
objEnumIDList.add(new Integer(iEnumIDA02));
  * enum Instance Names
// Get all StorageSystem to StorageProcessor (Controller) connections
int iEnumIDB01 = batchClient.enumerateInstanceNames(new CIMObjectPath("LSISSI_ComponentCS"));           
objEnumIDList.add(new Integer(iEnumIDB01));

// Making the CIMOM call as a batched operation.
BatchResult batchRes = cimClient.performBatchOperations(batchClient)}

catch (CIMException e)


Do you have advice what could be problem?


P.S. when we use

javax.wbem.client.CIMClient  to get one Instance by one instance it's working but this in not the way we should use it when get huge amount of data from SMI agent.


Thanks advanced for help.


Best Regards,

Goran Hafner

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