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Netapp Used Disk Drives


Hi All,


Can anyone direct me to Netapp's policy on used disk drives when it comes to support. We have a shelf with fully uplifted support for all bays but some bays are empty. Currently the populated bays on this shelf have 1TB SATA drives but Netapp no longer supply these. We would have to purchase 2TB drives.


I can source used drives but I cannot get a clear answer on the support position. Sales advise me it will void the entire warranty but tech support say it is fine and they will be supported as long as they are original Netapp drives.


A response from Netapp would be great but I cannot find anyone who wants to put anything in writing.






Re: Netapp Used Disk Drives


The account teams, sales guys and support center have two totally different views on this. From a support perspective as long as its a NetApp drive we will support it and troubleshoot it. But from a sales and account team perspective you may have some sort of contractual obligation or verbiage that states otherwise.


Keep in mind those 2TB's will rightsize to 1TB to match the others. So you will lose some space buying those. Maybe older repurposed 1TB drives will work better for your specific scenario...


Either way, I would suggest you reach out to your account team and request they review to ensure you're compliant. 





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