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Network ports down

I am rebuilding FAS 2660. after recabling the ports are not coming up. DC ops confirmed the connections are in place and network team has enabled ports from their side. need some one help on this .


Port      IPspace      Broadcast Domain Link MTU  Admin/Oper  Status

--------- ------------ ---------------- ---- ---- ----------- --------

e0c       Default      -                down 1500  auto/auto  -

e0d       Default      -                down 1500  auto/auto  -

e0e       Default      -                down 1500  auto/auto  -

e0f       Default      -                down 1500  auto/auto  -



Re: Network ports down

Have you tried just admin down and admin up them? 


Re: Network ports down

Hi lucifer6


There could be couple of issues leading to port down, we can always begin narrowing this down by;


  1. Reseat the cables and the SFP that goes in port <portname> on controller side, replace cable/SFP
  2. Check connection with the switches.
  3. Reseat cable on switch port, replace cable/SFP
  4. Try other switch ports to confirm connectivity

Re: Network ports down

Did they plug into the right node? Have them check serial # on the system's chassis and confirm it is the right one.

Re: Network ports down

i did admin up and down. still the port is down. I am asking the dc team to check the cabling again .

Re: Network ports down

Cabling and switch config.   That's about it i think that's left to check. 

Re: Network ports down





So those are UTA ports, have you configured them properly ?

" ucadmin show " command will give you the port configuration.




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