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No Disk after Disk Replacement (FAS3020)

Hi everybody,


After a disk replacement in one of our FAS3020 (DS14-Mk2-AT) I suppose the disk is not well replaced.


We have 14 disks in this ATA Shelf and 13 disk of these in one raidgroup + 1 spare disk.

The only message I got was the following:


Mon Aug 31 16:00:52 CEST [n001010: raid.disk.missing:info]: Disk 2a.20 Shelf 1 Bay 4 [NETAPP   X267_SMOOST50SSX NA01] S/N [9QMBSTRG] is missing from the system

Is there a success message, after a disk replace was done?



OnCommand tells me 13 disk are in the raidgroup (so the aggr is still working) but i cant see a spare anymore.




How can I determine, whether the replacement was successfull or not?

Ho do I know whether the new disk was connected or the backplane/shelf-slot has seen a new disk?


Thx for your help



Re: No Disk after Disk Replacement (FAS3020)

Argh.... don't tell anyone that our technical assistent hasn't seen the replaced disk doesn't have the right size..... seems SOLVED