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Node add Job failed: Unable to discover 1 nodes


I have the following problem when creating a 2-node cluster.


ONTAPClusterCreateJoinOperationFailed: ONTAP cluster create failed during cluster join operation on cluster "TST008". Reason: Node add Job failed: Unable to discover 1 nodes.


Management Network:

- Distributed vSwitch

- MTU 1600


Internal Network:

- Standard vSwitch

- MTU 9000

- portgroup NFS


vSwitch0 Properties




vSwitch0 Properties


-vSwitch0 Properties g


NFS Properties


NFS Properties


The network connectivity tests are succesful upon creating the cluster.




8 | [{'host_id': esxihost1', 'network_name': 'NFS'}, {'host_id': esxihost2', 'network_name': 'NFS'} | extended | StandardVSwitch | 9000 | None | pass |


What am i missing?


vsphere 6.0

ONTAP Select Deploy Version 2.6


Thanks in advance





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