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Non Disruptively adding an expansion card (HBA)


I am adding a new HBA to my fas3140 cluster, I need to do it non-disruptively.  I know the procedure, but I understand that when I pull out the tray to place the new card in the controller that there is a limited time for the tray to be out before the chassis will shut down.  Is this true or just a rumor?  A fast response is appreciated.


Re: Non Disruptively adding an expansion card (HBA)


When you pull out head it is immediately powered off (of course). Chassis itself continues running as long as there is second head. I never tried simply pulling out single, non-clustered, head, so I really do not know what happens in this case.

Re: Non Disruptively adding an expansion card (HBA)


To add a PCI adapter you would need to shutdown the system.  In an HA pair you can do a takeover to the controller not undergoing maintenance, install the adapter, and giveback when complete.

The hardware documentation page on the support website has specific instructions for replacing PCI adapters (and adding should quite similar).  Here is a link:


Here is a link to the 31xx series PCI adapter swap instructions:


Regarding timing maybe you're thinking about power supply replacement.  In some NetApp hardware you have a limited amount of time to replace before the unit will power itself off entirely to prevent oveheating.  I don't believe any rules exist like this for the motherboard tray.



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Re: Non Disruptively adding an expansion card (HBA)


Hi steinhorst,

In the past I have been in a similar issue.

Except FAN & power supply, you can remove the controller head without any issue.

Regarding HA, I think it's a basic feature in case of single chassis with 2 Ctrl.

And it's working fine.



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