FAS and V-Series Storage Systems Discussions

OCUM : format reports exported to PDF


I have created a customized report in OCUM and wanted to export it to PDF. So far so good no problems. But when I open the PDF it is barely readable. Is there a way to format the output?


Or is their a way to easely receive a report of just the used capacity for the different volumes belonging to the different SVM's?




What version of OCUM are you using ?

Have you tried exporting the reports in other formats like Excel or XHTML and its still unreadable ?

Not sure if my screenshot is visible, but have you tried this option ?




I did try multiple reports. But the problem is that the PDF is the only report that can be directly opened in the mail. For the others I still have to format the output. The XHTML is also decent report but you have to click multiple times in mail. Not that I have a problem with it, but it is not very nice for customers.... 😞

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