FAS and V-Series Storage Systems Discussions

Odd Numbered RAID-DP Group


Is there anything inherently wrong with having an odd number of disks (17, to be exact), in a RAID-DP group? I would think you should be able to do it, but I've only ever heard folks discuss even numbers when discussing RAID-DP groups. I've done RAID 5-5 with three disks before, but am new to RAID-DP, with the second parity disk, and I wondered, even if it is allowable, if it's a good idea or not.

Feel free to insult me, so long as you provide an answer. 🙂



Nothing wrong with it and you should be able to have anything you like as long as you don't violate the max value. My FAS2050 has 2 RAID groups of 13 and has done so for the last couple of years. I believe that  Netapp will recommend that you leave RAID groups size at default though.

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