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Old FAS270 need Single Agg with more space please help



   I have an Old FAS270 with 1 shelf and 2 controllers. Currently it had 14 135GB Drives, each Controller has 7 driver (6 in Raid with DP and 1 Spare). Since this has become a test system I would like to redo the entire setup and make the Controller and Active-Standby with all the disks associated with 1 controller. I also would like to get the most storage available possible, from what I read I should use Raid 4 with no Spare. Can someone point me in the right direction (documents, list of commands anything) to get the redone. There is No data stored currently on this as I have already removed ALL the mapped Luns and Volumes (cannot remove root volume) I need to destroy 1 Agg and give ownership of the disk to the other Controller and increase the Agg there from what I gather. Again ANY help would be useful and appreciated.


Re: Old FAS270 need Single Agg with more space please help


Since you say "redo" it would seem that you dont need to preserve //anything//, as in absolutely nothing.  If that's indeed the case, reboot the systems and when it says to hit Ctrl-C for special boot options, do so and perform a "4a" on each.

Once everything is done, each controller will come up and grab at least 3 disks.  After you've completed the configuration of each node, change the aggr option on N2 to be raid4 to free up a spindle.  Unassign that freed up disk and then on N1, assign all unassigned disks and away you should go..

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Re: Old FAS270 need Single Agg with more space please help


Your target setup is impossible. In active/active configuration each controller must have root volume, so it must have disks where root volume is located. The bare minimum is 2 disks.

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