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OnTAP Upgrade and compatibility



We have two NetApp's, soon to be three, one located at each site.

FAS2040 / OnTAP 8.1.3 / 7-Mode

FAS2240-4 / OnTAP 8.1.2 / 7-Mode

We have snapmirror setup, to replicate volumes between the two, we are adding a third site, so we would all three to replicate to each other.

I'd like to upgrade to OnTAP 8.2 on the current ones, and our new one will presumably come with 8.2

Is the FAS2040 compatible with 8.2? I seems to find mixed results when searching.

Also if we upgrade the FAS2240 / our new one, to 8.2, will Snapmirror work between the FAS2040 still on 8.1?

The following says it won't if I'm correct in understanding. https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1368826/html/GUID-D0422EE5-7649-4792-99B7-D85F1CB488FA.html

Can you suggest anything which would allow them all to replicate to each other, or all be on 8.2



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