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One Aggergate across Disk Shelves?

Hi guys,

Got a quick question. I have a FAS3140 with 4 DS14MK2 AT disk shelves attached to it in an FCAL loop. The shelves have 1TB SATA disks. We're thinking of adding a SAS add-on card and a DS4243 disk shelf to it with 24 x 1TB SATA disks. Question is, will I be able to add the disks on the DS4243 to my already existing aggregates on the DS14MK2 shelves, or will I have to create new aggregates on the DS4243. In other words, can an aggregate be composed of same capacity disks from different disk shelf types (DS14MK2 AT & DS4243)?


Re: One Aggergate across Disk Shelves?

It's possible, but not recommended - new SATA disks have better performance characteristics thanks to native command queueing.



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Re: One Aggergate across Disk Shelves?

Thanks for the info Radek

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