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Panic - Nested Machine Exception


Hi there,


We're running DOT 7-mode (v8.0.2) and just experienced a failover on our filer2.  I've run the following commands from the sp on that filer and attached the output:


  1. system sensors
  2. events all
  3. system log
  4. sp status -d


I did notice in the system logs this error preceded the failover:


PANIC: nested machine check exception detected on CPU 2, no coredump will be generated.


If someone could provide me with some insight into this error and how serious it is I would appreciate it, we would like to giveback but are unsure if that is wise.



~ Jon


Re: Panic - Nested Machine Exception



Jon -


I ran the err message through the Data ONTAP Panic Message Analyzer on mysupport.netapp.com.

Response: 'The panic message could not be safely matched to a single bug.'


8.0.2 Is an older release - you might want to consider doing an upgrade soon.


Given no signs of hardware failure, you're probably OK to do the giveback...

I hope this response has been helpful to you.

At your service,

Eugene E. Kashpureff, Sr.
Independent NetApp Consultant http://www.linkedin.com/in/eugenekashpureff
Senior NetApp Instructor, IT Learning Solutions http://sg.itls.asia/netapp
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Re: Panic - Nested Machine Exception

PCI error and nested machine check exception indicate possible hardware issue. You should contact tech support and ask the solution. Although machine check errors are brought by hardware issue in general, some of them are sometimes fixed by improving firmware and drive in later Data ONTAP.
BTW, boot message shows "IBM Data ONTAP 8.1.3P3 7-mode".

Re: Panic - Nested Machine Exception


What the others said, please do an uprade sooner rather than later. 8.0.2 is rather old and since it's an unpatched release contains a few annoying bugs... your NetApp partner should be able to tell you more about it and help you upgrade your system.


The hardware in question isn't, by chance, a FAS3140? We had similar problems with a few 3140's once which were only fixed by upgrading everything to a more recent version (OnTap, BIOS, disk/shelf firmware, etc.)

Re: Panic - Nested Machine Exception


Thanks for the feedback, we did a giveback a few days ago, so far so good.


We're in the process of migrating to a new cDOT 8.3P1 cluster.

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