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Partner Disk FAS 2040

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      We have Single FAS 2040 on our Disaster recovery site which we use it for snapmirror. Last few dasy back we installed a new hard drive but unfortunately its detected as a prtner instead of unowned. I know in high availibilty env partner is used.


and also if I see from the Command Line using disk show -v 


Netappdr> disk show -v
------------ ------------- ----- ------------- -------------
0d.01.0 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHHXR5EA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.11 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYW50A Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.8 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYZLXA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.9 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYW4VA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.5 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYWYBA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.7 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYVURA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.2 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYYZPA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.10 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYX1RA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.4 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGZ0KRA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.3 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYX7MA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.6 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYW49A Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.1 Netappdr (142258223) Pool0 YHGYWSAA Netappdr (142258223)
0d.01.12 netappctrl1(1574746261) Pool0 Z29394KM netappctrl1(1574746261)

I need to netapp ctrl1 is located in the Head office and why its detecting directly ? I need it to remove from Netappctrl1 to locally which is netappdr


Re: Partner Disk FAS 2040

It worked this way just need your inputs if its correct


disk assign 0d.01.12 -s unowned -f


it went to unowned 


disk assign 0d.01.12


then added to aggregate




Re: Partner Disk FAS 2040



The correct procedure can be found below:


Hope this helps.




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Re: Partner Disk FAS 2040

You can use the below command.


Netappcntrl1  : priv set advanced

Netappcntrl1 *: disk remove_ownership 0d.01.12

Netappcntrl1 *: priv set admin

Netappcntrl1 : disk show -n


log in to Netappdr


Netappdr : disk assign 0d.01.12