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Partner not correctly configured, needs to be erased.



first of all let me say that i am a newbie in Netapp systems.

I have a FAS2020 with two controllers.

I have done the initial configuration on both controllers, downloaded SystemManager and trying to configure the system.

The problem is that when i am trying to add one of the two controllers and after putting in the IP i get a message that i need to fill in the partner ip. Whatever i put i get an error saying that cannot find the partner.

I tried through CLI giving ifconfig e0a -partner which gives ifconfig: partner not found.

How can i disable the partner which i don't intend to use?



Re: Partner not correctly configured, needs to be erased.


Just to clarify:

You're already gone through the basic install portion and given both of the filers IPs?

Can you log into both of them individually through SSH?

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