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Parts vs Filer Compatibility

I have bunches of spare parts for various filers.  Is there an easy way to figure out whether the parts I have are compatible with the current set of filers that we use?   I'm looking to get rid of what parts we don't need.  I was looking for a place to enter a part number, and then have the database show me what filers that card is compatible with.  Does that kind of tool exist on netapp.com?  If it does exist, do I, having only a customer account, have access/privelege to get to that 'compatibility matrix'?


Re: Parts vs Filer Compatibility


Re: Parts vs Filer Compatibility

+1 on Hardware Universe (hwu.netapp.com).


It doesn't list everything, though.

If you can't see it in the categories in HWU, you should be able to find it in Parts Finder on the NetApp Support site:



Most parts include platform info, there.


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Re: Parts vs Filer Compatibility

That might be useful if I could actually get to it.  It keeps telling me I don't have sufficient privileges.

Re: Parts vs Filer Compatibility

Which one is the issue?  HWU or Parts Finder (or both)?


From NetApp Support site, create a helpdesk ticket to investigate and fix the issue.



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