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Performance Issues - BSAS-Aggr impairs also SAS-Aggr?




we've got a FAS3270 with BSAS- and SAS-shelves. The BSAS-aggr contains a lot of different volumes and many (>100) virtual win7-clients.


A time-controlled job starts a virusscan on all win7-clients at the same time (that is wrong and must be changed) and the performance on the BSAS-aggregat an all it's volumes is down. But we also noticed, that the hosts witch uses the SAS-aggregat (on the same controller) become a performance impact! Why?

We are using OnCommand Insight and see the problems in the BSAS aggregate. But we do not know, why also "SAS-systems" are concerned (Is the Controller overloaded?  NVRAM, ...??).


Does someone have an explanation for this?


Thanks in advance.



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