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Re: Performance issue on 3240 HA 7mode

That bottom sysstat -M 2 output and some of the output in the middle suggest to me that the task is CPU-bound, which is consistent with how our FAS32xx perform in our environment.  When you say that the aggr is a 23-disk RG, is it a regular aggr with nothing but SSDs, or is it a flashpool aggr?  Either way, the delay is somewhere beyond your disks, based on what you posted.  Right now I'd lean towards the head itself(at least for some of those tests). 

Re: Performance issue on 3240 HA 7mode

NetApp said the same thing.   I was on the phone with them with one of their performance team support personnel.  He said what we are getting will be pretty much it.   There is a mismatch between the SSD and the filer head.  The SSD's can outperform the head 3-5:1.

It is a 23 disk RG running RaidDP.  We are not using a flashpool.

I really wish that we were told ahead of time that hey, yes you are going to get better performance iops wise compared to the sas disks you have now but you won't be able to get the full potential of the disks with your current setup.  Your 3240 will max out at about 38K iops.  A 3250 will max out at about 50K.


Re: Performance issue on 3240 HA 7mode

No doubt(on the disappointment, given their cost)...  I would consider splitting up the SSDs to flashpool aggrs to increase the chance of realizing the performance benefit of SSDs on multiple aggregates.   If you have multiple flashpool aggrs, you'll have multiple aggrs that can push the max iops your controllers will allow.  They won't be able to do them all at the same time, but at least you won't have one fast SSD-only aggr and slower aggr(s) that are HDD-only, provided that you have HDD-only aggrs on these heads.  We've done our own tests with SSDs and have been satisfied with what a flashpool aggr can do, as opposed to SSD-only aggr, especially when we take the price/performance/space ratio into account.   You'll burn the first 2 SSDs disks in a flashpool aggr to parity so you won't be able to make too many flashpool aggrs(and tying up these SSDs to parity disks make you cringe, doesn't it?), but that might be more palatable than having one 23-disk SSD aggr that's capable of way more iops than the controller.  . 

Re: Performance issue on 3240 HA 7mode

Just be wary of the FAS3240HA limit re Flash Pool (assuming no Flash Cache present) - max 0.6TB per controller / 1.2TB per HA pair.

Re: Performance issue on 3240 HA 7mode

Saw a few FAS3240 with non-ssd setups, they deliver about 400mb write and 1000mb read with a few sas disks.

Properly setting up iSCSI, tuning frame size as well as tcp chimney within windows might be an issue. I´d suggest to run multiple vms with multiple luns and see if performance at least rises when running 2, 3 or 4 VMs with the same tests. But expect the FAS3240 to be CPU bound with small random i/o as kahuna can only split over 2 cores, reaching 200% max.