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Performance status for NetApp flash cache


We have this weekend installed 2x256Gb flash cache in our two FAS3240 controllers. What can I expect from this when do I start to se some effect of the installation? How can I see the perfroamce status of the flash cache?




Performance status for NetApp flash cache


TR-3832 - Flash Cache Best Practicse Guide:

stats show ext_cache_obj

This gives you only a point-in-time view of the data in the counters

Re: Performance status for NetApp flash cache

Thanks for the *.pdf, now I can chek the performance status. If someone has done this flasch cache installatione I would like to here from you
what it really did for their environment. What happens to the VMWare environment, it is possible to access the CIFS share faster?


Re: Performance status for NetApp flash cache

Hey Tobias,

I have done several Flash Cache installations, and also have 1 512GB card on each controller in my lab environment with only SATA disks. (NFS, CIFs, and ISCSI)

In my lab I saw a boost in all protocols (and some NetApp features), and I also combined flexcache with my VMware NFS volumes. (the instructions to do this are in TR-3832)

But to answer your question, I just see a big boost in response times, and even a little write performance across the board.

These cards easily compensate for my slow SATA drives.

Here are some benchmarks for you,

Baseline submission: FAS3140 with 224 Fibre Channel drives


Second submission: FAS3140 with 56 Fibre Channel drives plus Flash Cache


Third submission: FAS3140 with 96 SATA drives plus Flash Cache


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