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Power consumption on DS4246

We are setting up a storage system with the NetApp 3220 driving two DS4246 disk arrays with a total of 280 TB of disk data.  Although I was able to find out the power consumption of NetApp 3220 with its disks, I am not finding any data on how to determine the power needs for the two DS4246 units.  Can anyone provide the data?  We will be running from 208 VAC.



Re: Power consumption on DS4246

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Have you got access to Synergy tool? It provides all the environmental requirements figures.

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Re: Power consumption on DS4246

Thanks, yes we have access to this tool.  I downloaded it and am running through the configuration now.  Thanks.

Re: Power consumption on DS4246

Customer-facing environmental info for platforms and shelves is available in the Site Requirements Guide on the NetApp Support Site.


Re: Power consumption on DS4246

OK, I've located the information both in the tools and in the site documents that I needed.  Thanks to all for your help.  I am satisfied now.

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