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Prepare to reboot


Just did an upgrade on an older FAS3040 system.  Upgraded the firmware on the disks, then shelves, then DataOnTap (old version 7.3, new version 8.1).  The upgrades all went fine, no error messages.  At the end of the DataOnTap upgrade the filer was completing and then beginning to shutdown for a reboot.  It never came back online.  I went to look at the controller and the LCD screen read "prepare to reboot".  I let it sit overnight, thinking perhaps there was more processing that needed to be done, but again this morning it is just sitting at that screen.  I manually powered off and back on, but it booted right back into that screen..."prepare to boot".

I would appreciate any thoughts you have on what to do next.


Re: Prepare to reboot


Ok, I figured this out.  Logged in via the console and rebooted...it came up with a message that a system file on the compact flash was newer and needed to be upgraded.  Ran the command to flash upgrade and the rest of the upgrade proceeded.  After that the filer booted right up.

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