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Problem with NetApp Filer | file move


System: FAS2552
OnTap: 8.2.4P5 7-Mode
vScan not active
locally on server only Sophos Virus Scan (for test disable)

Move files within a CIFS share from subfolders to other subfolders.

Test with 20 pdf files approx. 14 MB 0,35 Elements/sec. (5 min.)
Deletion very fast, copying is very fast
Workaround Script first copy then delete

What could be the cause of the shift?





Do you mind if you could rephrase your query ? Sorry  I did not understand your query.





yes, I can. We try to move files from one subfolder to another within a CIFS share. We noticed that this takes an extremely long time. If we first copy the files from one folder to another folder and then delete them on the source (via script), this will be faster overall. Our question is, why does moving the files take longer than copying them and then deleting them?

Is the ACTUAL situation now more understandable?

Many greetings Andreas




The question is much clearer, thanks.


It's a good question and I think the reason for this behavior is:


1) When we move files with in the same volume (does not matter which sub-folder), the files do not move, just the pointers are changed to reflect the new file location.


Any meta-data processing follows serialization logic (kahuna domain, can run on only 1 cpu) : Depending upon the FILER's load at that give moment (CPU,Memory,Network : Type of workload ), it is always going to take some extra time compared to copying files.


2) When we copy files : The file attributes are not copied, only the file is copied and files inherits the permissions of the new location. File copy can make use of the multi-processing cores and therefore I am not surprised with your observations.


I tried my best to explain but I think it's more complicated than that, especially how CPU Domain processing works.


Hope this helps.



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