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Problems with joining a new cluster



I am completely new to NetApp. I've just set up two FAS3050c's with 4 DS14mk2 disk shelves attached via FC-AL. The nodes are running OnTAP GX 10.0.1P2. In the process of configuring the nodes, I created a cluster on one node, then attempted to join it on the second node. I'm getting the following message repeating on the second node, after the 'cluster join' command:

Cluster join waiting: Waiting for local Replication Database (RDB) to become ready

The first node ('toast1a') shows the second node ('toast1b') in the right places:

toast1a::> system show

Node      Health Eligibility Uptime        Model       Owner    Location 

--------- ------ ----------- ------------- ----------- -------- ---------------

toast1a   true   true        03:08         FAS3050             

toast1b   false  true        -             -           -        -

But it also says, under things like 'cluster statistics show', that the replication service is offline (this sounds relevant to me):

toast1a::> clust statistics show

      Counter         Value         Delta

------------- ------------- -------------

    CPU Busy:            3%             -


       Total:             0             -

         NFS:             0             -

        CIFS:             0             -

Data Network:

        Busy:            0%             -

    Received:        1.91MB             -

        Sent:            0B             -

Cluster Network:

        Busy:            0%             -

    Received:         116MB             -

        Sent:        1.61GB             -

Storage Disk:

        Read:         375MB             -

       Write:        6.02GB             -

WARNING: Unable to list entries for mgwd on node toast1b. mgwd on node toast1b is currently not accepting administrative requests. Replication service is


Question: How do I get the replication service online? This seems to be required for joining the cluster. Please let me know if additional information is required; I'm not sure what all is relevant here. Thank you!


Problems with joining a new cluster


I rebooted the second node after waiting on it for a couple hours. Now it appears to be a cluster member with no problems ... ahh, magic. Just what I want in my systems.

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