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Procedure to install HBA card in FAS 3210

Hi All,


We are planning to install a new HBA on to a free available PCIe slot , Can anybody help me with the procedure or document to proceed , Like first to failover the controller ,  unscrew the controller, how to locate the free PCIe slot for HBA , and procedural document with pictorial representation would be more helpful. I understand 3210 is dual controller in a single 3U chasis, In this case how it would be performed ?





Re: Procedure to install HBA card in FAS 3210

The document is available here. 


Replacing PCIe cards in a 32xx system



Before adding the card to the storage system, please make sure that the card is supported for your platform and Data ONTAP version. Details about supported card types and supported slot assignments for each card is available at hardware universe.


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Re: Procedure to install HBA card in FAS 3210

I Found this video exactly what i am looking for.......



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